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From: Jorge Grossao
Subject: black-brazilian-soccer-school/family-doctor-1Black Brazilian Soccer School/ Family Doctor 1
by Jorge AlvarezWe have a sweet tradition at BBSS, the bedtime story. When the clients leave
after having fucked our boys, the young sluts all get into their beds in the
dorm and one of them tells the others about a wonderful experience that he's
had while at home, away from school. We start with Nando, one of our young
Brazilian slutboys.FAMILY DOCTORI live with my parents in Rio. One night my dad tells me that I'm looking a
little sick and that he's calling a guy he's met at church, a family doctor.
I'm feeling quite well but I know my dad has planned something wicked as
usual. I just love his naughty schemes.The guy comes and he's a young black man, very handsome, tall and muscular,
a hunk. Dr. Alcibiades talks incessantly about his wife and kids, his
church, his work. Very boring. But he's so sexy... I fake a little cough, he
examines me quickly and prescribes a syrup. Then, suddenly, it starts to
rain heavily. My dad smiles. He knew a storm was coming.Dad turns on the news. There's a flood warning. Streets are closed. Rio is
under an emergency alert. It happens all the time in summer. Dad turns the
TV off pre teens 12 lolita and talks to the young doctor."Dr. Alcibiades, I'm afraid you won't be able to get back to your home in
this storm. It's better you spend the night here with us. You can share
Nando's bed, that's all we can offer you. That will be wonderful because
you'll be able to check on his health. We're so worried about our little
boy..."Dr. Alcibiades call his wife. She hadn't heard about the emergency yet. He
tells her he'll be OK spending the night with us. I can see through my dad's
plan. I'm all excited with the prospect of having the black hunk in my bed.
I'll only have to overcome his defenses. But I know he'll be mine tonight.
And dad's too...We're tucked under the sheets in the dark, his big, warm body next to mine.
He's breathing heavily. I feel his dick hardening against my plump buttocks.
I pretend to be sleeping. He grazes my leg hesitantly with his fingers. I
snore. He gets bolder, caressing my smooth skin with his large hand. I feel
his hot breath against the back of my neck.There's a loud thunderclap. I pretend to wake up czech nude lolita free suddenly. His hand freezes
on my thigh. I get hold of it and pull his strong arm around my waist,
drawing him closer, crushing my tush against his groin. His dick is now at
full mast, huge and thick."Doc, I'm scared of the storm! Hold lolitas pictures 15 17
me! Hug me tight!""Shush, little boy, don't be afraid... Doc is here to protect you. Mmmmm...
You smell so good... Let's go back to sleep... Sleep tight little angel..."I stay quiet, feeling the giant cock resting between my buns, the big hard
head throbbing way up against my back. I fake snoring again."Jesus help 14 yo lolita biz me! Help me fight this evil temptation! I can't do that with
this little angel... He's so sweet, so pure...Help me Lord!"I wake up again, tell the doc that I feel feverish and ask him to take my
temperature. I turn on the bedside light and hand him the thermometer. In
Brazil, like in Europe, we take the temperature from the asshole. I kneel on
the bed and let my pajama pants slowly down.The black male looks in awe as I reveal little by little the gorgeous twin
globes of my smooth white buns. I hold the pants when the brim is midway
through my butt. The upper half of the deep cleft between my buttocks is out
in the open, tempting him to imagine the lower half, the round butt cheeks
barely concealed under the tight flannel.I've played this game so many times here at BBSS, and I always drive my
clients crazy. Be them hip-hop moguls, NBA stars or football quarterbacks,
all black hunks get real horny when they see my half-bare boyish ass at
their mercy, gorgeous and juicy like a ripe pair of sweet melons.Dr. Alcibiades, this god-fearing, church-goer husband and father, is no
exception. I can see his struggle to control the lust for my young body, angel lolitatop 50 lolita
I know it's a lost fight. But I intend to play a little longer with him,
like a cat with a mouse, before I get my prize, his big hard dick up my
pretty ass.I bend over, finally exposing my open buns and the pink rosebud. Sweating
and panting, the young doctor holds one buttock in his large hand while with
the other, visibly trembling, he tries to insert the thermometer in my anus."Now hold it there, little one, hold it for a few minutes. My God, you look
so beautiful, like a cupid in a painting... Wait! The thermometer is
disappearing in your anus! Oh my, what am I going to do now?"It's an old trick my dad taught me and it always works."Doc, I'm afraid you'll have to retrieve the thermometer with your
fingers... Go ahead, I can take it. But be gentle, please..."Desperate to get the glass tube back, the black doctor touches my puckered
hole with the tip of his fat finger. It feels so good! I open up my ring and
it swallows the big digit, sucking it in. His eyes almost pop out of his
head as he sees his finger disappear inside, squeezed by my well trained ass
muscles."I'm afraid you'll need at least two fingers to fish the thermometer out,
doc..."He pushes a second finger in and I have to control myself not to cum, so
much he excites me. I'm engrossed by my sexual power over this big hunk of a
man, totally helpless under my slutboy tricks."Oh doc, you've pushed the thermometer even deeper! I can feel it inside...
Take your fingers out, but slowly... Yeah, nice and easy... Mmmm, that feels
so good... Now you'll have to use your mouth, doc. Yeah, suck the thing out.
Just glue your lips to my 14 yo lolita biz
asshole and suck. It'll come out. I've done this
before"."You have? Oh my God, you're so little, how come you... But yes, I can't let
that thing inside, it could kill you. OK, I'll do as you tell me. Forgive
me, Lord!"Doc is shaking like a tree under the storm. But I can see the smile at the
corners of his big mouth as his face disappears deep between my buns. I
close my eyes to enjoy the feeling of his thick lips kissing my rosebud. He
even licks around the borders, opening them up."Good! Now suck. Suck hard!"His mouth works as a vacuum cleaner, drawing all the air from my bowels,
plus my ass juices and whatever cum I had left from the fucks of the day,
and suddenly the thermometer pops out in his mouth."Mmmph! Wow! I got it! I can't believe I did this. But it worked. Oh, look
at your anus... It's pulsating, blinking at me. And shaped just like a
little vagina, with rosy lips and a velvet pink membrane inside. How come
you're like that?""It's called a boy pussy, doc. Some call it a boy cunt. It's made for
fucking. And that's what your going to do now!"Jorge Alvarez
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